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Episode 31

Published on:

30th Jan 2023

Building a Successful LinkedIn Network: Nancy Fox

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In today's episode 31 , "Building a Successful LinkedIn Network: Nancy Fox."

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Nancy Fox is a former corporate executive in manufacturing, launching her coaching and training business in 1999. She has trained and coached senior executives in leadership, communications, and business development. Nancy first experienced the fulfillment of fractional leadership when she became the Fractional Business Development Officer in professional service firms, guiding accounting and law professionals in networking, client relationship building and engagement. She helped firms develop internal mentoring programs and women’s initiatives.

Key takeaways from this episode include:

✓ the number one thing professional people will no longer tolerate in their careers

✓ why money has dropped from the top of the list of what people want from a professional job in accounting

✓ what has replaced 'nose to the grindstone' in pushing people ahead on the career ladder

✓ the lack of career permanency that means the shelf life of an executive is now rarely more than two years

✓ how employees have so many choices in their career if they are willing to build career capital

✓ acknowledging that even though it's easier to connect with people, it's also more noisey and crowded out there

✓ the long term nature of building a significant professional network - it's not an overnight thing

✓ what makes LinkedIn the 'go to' social media platform vz Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for accounting professionals

✓ the factors that determine what will be successful in building a strong LinkedIn profile

✓ What stretched accountants and CPAs can do if they feel they are too busy to network

...and so many more practical insights from Nancy.

Nancy is a community and network builder, a keynote speaker and the author of a highly recognized book on strategic networking, Network Like A Fox. She is based out of Los Angeles, loves tennis, dogs, the mountains, and West Coast Swing dancing.

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